Photos: Fucked Up at the Masonic Temple, with Andrew WK on Keyboards


Fucked Up’s New York shows always seem to coincide with historic American days: Inauguration Day 2008, the only time in recorded history when Ezra Koenig publicly covered the Descendents, and now the day after the Yankees won the World Series. And so last night, frontman Damian “Father” Abraham paid tribute to our baseball championship (that was harder to type that you know) with a Yankees shirt. Fuck the Yankees (that was easier to type that you know), last night’s real special occasion was the Toronto band recreating their stupendous 2008 album The Chemistry of Modern Life, with the Vivian Girls on back-up vocals and Andrew WK on “special keyboard parts!” Below are Rebecca Smeyne’s shots of Pink Eyes smooching dudes, falling on top of dudes, spitting on dudes, flailing on dudes, putting his dirty socks on dudes. Unrelated: enjoy your parade, d-bags!