Post-Parade Chaos on the Staten Island Ferry


Not necessarily happy with today’s Yankee parade: some Staten Island commuters caught in the crush of revelers who were making their way back to the Forgotten Borough afterwards. “‘It was chaos,’ says commuter who was stuck in overcrowded Whitehall Ferry Terminal,” reports the Staten Island Advance.

The paper was cheerful when it told us this morning, “Staten Island fans show support for Yankees at victory parade.” But already there were ominous harbingers: Tottenville resident Lorraine Oldmixon said it took her two and a half hours to get to her job in the Financial District. Then the fans, exhilarated by the parade and perhaps a stop at Biddy Early’s Pub & Restaurant, tried to get back. Witnesses say in the crush of “thousands of people” seeking a ride home, children were separated from their families and one guy lost his shoes.

“I don’t care what they say,” Oldmixon returned like Cassandra to tell the Advance, “there was not enough police presence in the [St. George Ferry] terminal today.”