The Blogroll Gazette: New Meat, Cheap Chicken & Good Schnit


This week in food blogs…

Eat Me Daily reviewed the Momofuku cookbook and found the hype justified.

Midtown Lunch noticed that Schnitzel & Things, perhaps amped up by the TIWYF challenge, wrapped a bratwurst in pork schnitzel.

The Atlantic Food Channel noted that Europe put a stop to crazy health claims on food packages before it started.

Grub Street posed the question, just how profitable is a Crown Fried Chicken?

Eater discovers that a Wolfgang Steakhouse will open in the space to be vacated by Vong.

Serious Eats asked, whatever happened to caffeine-free Diet Coke?

The Feed found out what pisses off Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman: people who don’t have time to cook, but do have time to watch other people cook on TV.

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