This Protesting Vietnam Thing Is Getting Serious


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December 30, 1965, Vol. XI, No. 11

Four Indicted for Burning Draft Cards

Four young draft-card burners were indicted last week for violating a Federal statute that makes it illegal to mutilate a draft card. They face a maximum of five years in jail and $10,000 in fines. They were not arrested, but were asked to appear in court on January 4.

The draft cards were burned in protest against United States military action in Vietnam at a Union Square rally on November 6. The New York Civil Liberties Union has protested the Government’s action as a violation of the men’s right of free speech.

The indicted pacifists were Thomas C. Cornell, 31, Marc P. Edelman, 20, James E. Wilson, 21, and Roy Lisker, 27. David McReynolds, 37, of the War Resisters League, who also burned his card at the rally, was not indicted, apparently because he is beyond draft age.

New York 1966

What John. V. Lindsay will face as Mayor will be the subject of a television discussion on the “World at Ten,” tonight (Thursday at 10 p.m.) on Channel 13. The panelists will be Mary Perot Nichols, assistant editor of the Village Voice, Herbert Kamm, managing editor of the World Telegram and Sun, and James Wechsler, editor of the editorial page of the New York Post.

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