What’s The Worst Kind of Bad Breath?


It’s a common fallacy to think that all bad breaths are equally hateful. In reality, there are different types of bad breath, and some are way more putrid than others.

Jizz breath isn’t all that bad, truth be told. It’s kind of risky smelling, yet somehow piquant and appealing. Or is it just me?

Booze breath is always scary–don’t light a match–but often intoxicating enough to make you want to order your own cocktail pronto.

But then you have your really offensive kinds of bad breath, the ones with nothing even remotely pleasant about their barfy bouquets.

And the worst kind of all–yes, even more egregious than morning breath–is (drumroll, please):

Sandwich breath!

You know, the stench of chewed cold cuts, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and condiments. It’s fouler than New Jersey sewage! It could turn you off to the deli counter for life!