Will New York Get Gay Marriage?


In the wake of the Maine horror, there’s been some way more appealing news. Governor David Paterson is including marriage equality in the sweeping November 10 session he is calling for, bringing gay marriage before the State Senate for approval!

Or at least he will if no one blocks it, as they have before.

And if the topic is brought to the fabulous floor, will it pass with flying rainbow colors?

No way, honey.

There are a few Democrats who are openly against it and naturally not a single Republican is throwing parades around it either. It won’t pass any more than my latest gallstone.

But this is a symbolic move that marks the beginning of eventual progress. There will surely come a time when we’ll have equal rights in our own state, a time when half-naked hypocrites like the disgraceful Carrie Prejean will be demoted to show biz footnotes and even really religious people will come to our weddings and eat cake.

I mean, how can the state that brings you Broadway shows and the Eagle not have gay marriage?