Happy birthday to Zoo


The Bronx Zoo is celebrating its 110th birthday today, with cake, performances by their house performance troupe, and the rollout of three clydesdale horses.

The Zoo, which back then was called the New York Zoological Park, was opened on November 8, 1899 by what was then called the New York Zoological Society, which included Teddy Roosevelt and other wildlife-minded rich people.

It’s since been renamed the Wildlife Conservation Society, in an attempt to reflect their role in global wildlife conservation research. Their facilities were supposed to be renamed Wildlife Conservation Centers, to get away from the word “zoo,” which was thought to have negative connotations (they seem to have given up on that, at least as far as what they refer to on their webpage as their four zoos are concerned).

Ranger, Jesse, and Monty, the clydesdales, are giving carriage rides ($5) as part of a more eco-friendly holiday celebration to replace the popular but energy-intensive holiday lights.