Tortured animals found buried in Long Island back yard


Rescue Ink, a group of extremely large animal rights activists with their own TV show, helped uncover a gruesome case of animal torture and killing on Long Island yesterday.

The group, which saves stolen and abused pets, got a call to their tip line reporting that animals were being mistreated in Sharon McDonough’s Long Island home. When they found malnourished dogs in cages, they called the SPCA, who found the bones from as many as 20 animals buried in the back yard. Neighbors believe the bones belong to pets that have been disappearing from the neighborhood.

A source told WPIX that McDonough, 43, had some of her 7 children hold the animals for her while she tortured them. Doug, 21, her eldest son, described their home as “a concentration camp for the animals,” as well as for him and his sisters. The Post is reporting that the call to the tip line came from Doug.

McDonough’s husband was killed last year when he made a U-turn in front of a container truck.

The 5 dogs, as well as a cat, a bird and a hamster, were removed from the premises by animal control. McDonough is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.