Andrea Peyser Defends Cuddle Cabbie Vs. “Media-Savvy” Gay Guy


Jesus, we thought we were done with the gay cuddle cab story, but it ain’t over till the cat lady sings. The Post‘s Andrea Peyser, defying Mayor Bloomberg and others in the “chorus of yuppies,” defends driver Medhat Mohamed’s right to evict riders who snuggle. Mohamed insists to her that Paul Bruno and his companion presented a dangerous distraction to his driving. “I’m not going to judge them,” he generously added, as “God will judge them.” As will Andrea Peyser, suggesting Bruno’s “media savvy” (read: ability to use phone to call newspaper) gave him an unfair advantage. “The campaign against the cabby marks a new low for this city,” says Peyser — even worse than people smoking in Times Square — and constitutes “blatant bigotry” against Mohamed’s religion. She requests that you call 311, the appropriate venue for responses to Andrea Peyser columns.