Cuomo Gets $500K, Change in Advertising from Tagged


This summer fighting attorney general Andrew Cuomo went after, claiming it suckered people into joining its site — and uploading their address books — with deceptive solicitations. Tagged changed its practices and denied intent to defraud, but Cuomo kept the heat on. Now the AG announces that Tagged will do more due diligence, and pay New York half a million dollars in “settlements and costs,” which should put an end to the matter. The AG’s office says Tagged had been telling targets that it had photos of them which their friends had tagged, and invited them to join up, which process, it is claimed, made the surrender of the target’s address list the default choice. “In reality,” says the office, “no such photos existed and the email was not from their friends.”

The settlement frees up Cuomo’s tech-warrior resources to follow up on his anti-trust suit against Intel.