Local Man Disrupts MTV Awards Show 10 Years Ago


All in all, you’ve got to admire the restraint shown by Gothamist editor John Del Signore, who waited 10 years and — more impressively, though one supposes this wasn’t exactly ever going to accord with Gothamist’s VMA coverage plan — nearly two months after the whole Kanye/Taylor Swift melodrama to reveal his OG status as a guy who attended an awards show, only to get onstage and disrupt it. His “Bite Me, Kanye! I Bum-Rushed the MTV Video Music Awards — Ten Years Ago This Week” is online in full at the Awl, where we heartily recommend reading it, if only for the random and stray details that so exactly evoke what it is to be a 24-year-old with a plan. Del Signore’s lede: “On November 9th, 1999, my morning to-do list included such items as ‘Make a list,’ ‘Pick up stuff from storage,’ and ‘Attend MTV awards, jump on stage, yell something nonsensical.’ I never made it to my storage unit in Park Slope that day, but the NYPD, while studying the list later that night, would crack wise about my busy day. They were also very curious about that storage facility.”

[The Awl]