My Duane Reade Now Has a “Doctor on The Premises”!


In this economic climate, establishments are doing everything but blow you to get your attention and more importantly your buck. But I was still a little bit shocked to see a sign in the window of my neighborhood Duane Reade announcing that they now have a doctor in the house for walk-in medical attention, and no appointment is necessary!

This is a potentially very alluring idea–convenient doesn’t begin to descibe it–but gosh, so many questions pop up:

Is the doctor as inept as the people who try to find your prescriptions there?

Does he/she lurk by the Tampax or the Liquid Plumr?

Does he/she take insurance?

Or is a walk-in visit just $1.99 with club card, like so may other useful items at Duane Reade?

Heck, I’m going to try it and find out. “Hello, I’d like some chocolate-covered pretzels, a Neutrogena facial scrub, a brown cap-and-gloves set, a musical penguin, and can you check my colon while you’re at it?”