Real-Life Couples Onscreen: Does The Chemistry Translate?


Paul Bettany and Jennnifer Connelly costar in an imminent movie called Creation about the history-making Charles Darwin and the wife, which gets me to wondering about a whole other theory of creation:

When a couple is hot and heavy and/or married offscreen, does that always translate into sizzling chemistry ONscreen?

Can they summon their interpersonal skills to drum up a reasonable facsimile of their intimate bond for a mass audience?

Did it work for Woody and Mia?

Paul and Joanne?

Tom and Nicole?

Well, sometimes. But I’ll tell you who it really DID work for. At least once, anyway. Liz and Dick!

Yes, the Burtons made some tawdry turds together, but when they teamed up for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the filmed collaboration–full of fear, bitchery, sadism, tenderness, and sex appeal–was nothing short of explosive. The emotions were so palpably real, in fact, that you sometimes felt like you were watching a home video!

Your choices?