Whatshername from Twilight Celebrity Nude for PETA


Christian Serratos of Twilight has done one of those PETA ads in which a celebrity appears nude to attract interest in the organization, which has to do with children in Darfur or something. Full poster after the jump; alternatively, you can see footage of her nude photo shoot interspersed with footage of pigs being skinned alive here.

If you find our coverage offensively jejune, you may prefer that of Perez Hilton (“she is looking HAWT!”), MTV (“You’re gorgeous and you’re doing this for a good cause, so show off that body!”), or the ICT “global news portal” (“Actress faith Serratos has empty downbound to embellish the youngest honor to bear someone for the disreputable ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ ad crusade”).