3 Consulates Get Fake Anthrax, Nostalgia (Update: It’s Flour)


Autumn 2009 is making us nostalgic. First, we have a deranged Muslim killing a lot of citizens on U.S. soil. Now, we have anthrax! Or at least fake anthrax, which we also had back in the day, sonny. The New York consulates of France, Austria and Uzbekistan received anonymous packets of white powder yesterday. 25 people had sufficient contact with it that they had to be decontaminated, but initial tests suggest the powder is not anthrax.

Authorities say the three envelopes came with a Dallas postmark, and at least one contained a note mentioning Al Qaeda, though the context is not revealed.

Update: The powder turned out to be flour. April Fool! Now we’ll see what’s in the envelopes later received by the British and German consulates.