Do not fool yourself: You are rolling the dice when you see Bob Dylan live. Odds are that he’ll either rasp accommodatingly through his prophetic ‘60s folk, submitting “Masters of War” and “Like a Rolling Stone” to the approval of his ecstatic, aging partisans, or doff a country hat and mewl through two damn nonstop hours of Modern Times–era diaphanous country jamboree until you wish to claw your ears apart for the sweet, sweet improvement of deafness. (Guess which show we attended.) But it goes without saying that with the goodwill reserve of his genius, Robert Zimmerman can do anything he wants; this decade, it included writing a murky memoir, appearing in a Victoria’s Secret commercial, and releasing a Christmas album. None of this changes how he’s Bob Dylan, and, whenever he wants, the roar of his wave can still drown the whole world. Good fortune to you, ticket holders.

Nov. 17-19, 7:30 p.m., 2009