Massage Demonstration Shut Down By Police


Can’t someone get a simple massage in a store window anymore?

On Friday, a male erotic massage demonstration in the window of Blue store in Chelsea was shut down by the police 90 minutes into it, “and the team at Manworks.com are crying foul,” according to a release.

“Apparently, one cop car drove by without stopping so it seemed the window would be able to continue without interruption. Twenty minutes later, however, another officer approached the window and demanded the demonstration be shut down immediately.

“When Manwork.com’s director Daniel Lee asked why the demonstration needed to be shut down, the policeman claimed a permit was needed because the display caused sidewalk obstruction. The officer could not cite the exact law the window was violating.

“Lee argued there was no nudity, no simulated sex, nothing lewd. He asked the officer if Macy’s needed a permit for their Christmas windows when tourists jammed up 34th Street. The officer refused to engage in a conversation with Daniel Lee. He demanded Lee shut the window down and then drove off.

“Lee shut the ‘Dutch Window’ display down but was left wondering would the window have been shut down if it had been a hetero pairing?”

Or if it had merely been a Dutch oven?