Racist Chinese Restaurants; An English Breakfast That’s Hardly So


The recession may seem to be ending, but a new study reveals that restaurant customers still plan to spend less on eating out in 2010 that they did this year, about 20 percent less per meal, they say. Weekly restaurant visits, however, are up.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Two Chinese restaurants that refuse to deliver food north of East Harlem have been accused of racism. The Human Rights Commission is investigating whether Chinese Mirch and One Fish Two Fish are excluding Latino and African American neighborhoods on purpose.
[New American Media]

Kraft finally made its $16.7 billion bid for Cadbury yesterday. Analysts had expected Kraft to sweeten its original proposal, offering more for the British confectioner, but Kraft has asserted that its latest offer was full and fairly priced.
[New York Times]

Following New York‘s report that New Yorkers were becoming enamored with the English Breakfast, a closer look at just how English the breakfast is: apparently, we’ve “severed the final link with reality and managed to reposition the fry-up as a diet food.”
[The Guardian]