When Is It OK To Call Someone Your “Boyfriend”?


Or “girlfriend”? Or “partner” or “human blow-up toy” or whatever freaking term you choose?

Face it–it’s a very delicate dance we play in relationships, both players terrified to introduce the other as a boyfriend/girlfriend until it’s totally appropriate.

After all, if you’re not 100% convinced that you want to stick with the relationship forever, you don’t want to say anything that’ll give the person the idea that you’re in it for good.

You also don’t want to offend or startle them if THEY’RE not thinking of this as a monogamous and/or long-term union.

So do you wait until you’ve had a private talk and jointly decided “We’re boyfriends”?

Do you wait until it’s so obvious that you’re boyfriends that saying it clearly would only send shock waves to Liza Minnelli or Carrie Fisher?

Or do you wait for them to say “This is my boyfriend” before you do the same?