Which Shows Would You Like Revived?


This brain emission just came in from a reader, so I take it very seriously:

Bye Bye Birdie recently returned to Broadway in its first revival in 50 years and South Pacific took 60 years to return, but other shows return in unnecessary revivals like clockwork (Grease, Gypsy).

“What plays or musicals are long overdue for revival? I can think of a few–Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is my #1, Marat/Sade is #2, and Tiny Alice and Take Me Along are right up there.


Jan Kubicki”

Well, dear Jan, my number one choice is actually coming to Broadway–it’s Promises, Promises, which I’ve never seen! It’s basically The Apartment meets Burt Bacharach, and as such, it’s always sounded like the kind of zingy, kitschy show I’d simply adore–even the “Turkey Lurkey Time” number.

I’d also welcome retreads of wildly obscure yet appealing titles like Henry Sweet Henry, Anyone Can Whistle, and Seesaw, even if producers wouldn’t.

Oh, and an occasional new show would work for me too.

How about you freaks? What overlooked gem would you fork out a hundred for?