Carrie Underwood’s Play On Is #1


To the tune of a stunning 318,000 copies sold, good for the “largest sales week for an album by a woman in 2009 and the second-best sales week for a country release,” according to Billboard. Sorry Mariah! MJ’s This Is It halved its sales and still held onto #2, clocking second week numbers at 196,000. And, in an ominous augur of things to come, Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas debuted at #3–the first of what will surely be an adult-contempo onslaught that will swamp charts between now and Christmas. The Glee soundtrack, at 113,000, took #4, and the Now 32 “hits compilation” charted at #5, marking twin victories for robotically-selected collections of songs over albums made by humans. Speaking of which–Weezer! Ratitude is at #7, with a lackluster and satanic total of 66,000 copies sold, once again proving that internet ubiquity and Lil Wayne crossover lunges don’t amount to much in a world where actual Taylor Swift albums (Fearless, one year old this week and still good for #6) still exist. [Billboard]