Conservatives Enraged By 2007 Sesame Street Episode Get Apology from PBS


As often happens in the madhouse that is the rightwing blogosphere, a conservative recently got mad about an old TV show: Big Hollywood denounced Sesame Street for a 2007 episode in which Oscar the Grouch said, “I am watching ‘Pox’ News. Now there is a trashy news show.” The episode actually made fun of several news shows, which just amplified their outrage: While the show made up names like “Walter Cranky” and “Dan Rather-Not,” Big Hollywood complained, there were “no affectionate nicknames for Fox News personalities; no Spill O’Reilly or Brittle Hume…”

This led to an avalanche of angry letters to PBS, which forced the PBS ombudsman to apologize, saying the temptation to make fun of Fox “should have been resisted.” Big Hollywood exulted, saying the forced confession meant that anyone who made fun of them for going ballistic on a Sesame Street episode was the real idiot.

Attempting to preserve some dignity for itself, the Sesame Workshop’s Miranda Barry got the ombudsman to publish her own reaction explaining as one might to a distempered child that it was all in fun (“Oscar the Grouch is a contrarian. He lives in a trash can and loves everything ‘yucky,’ and ‘disgustin.’ For a Grouch, ‘Trashy’ is high praise!”). But Big Hollywood has moved on, attacking Sesame Street for doing segments about the environment. “This is a great new tactic of the Left,” says BH, “the raping of our language and the use of beautiful sounding, unassailable words to represent an agenda with far more controversial ideas” — for example, that sustainable living is an unmixed good, when in fact, says BH, “Sustainability is the death of the West’s economic dominance.” Put that on your kids’ show, socialists!

Wait’ll they find out Michelle Obama has appeared on the show’s 40th Anniversary episode; they’ll be demanding equal time for Carrie Prejean.