Contest: Find the Decapitated Shakira in a Union Square Bookstore


The mysterious street artist known only as the Decapitator is in town, decapitating things. The culture jammer caused a huge stir in London last year, after Carrie Bradshaw was seen carrying her own head in a detourned version of a Sex and the City advertisement; Wired even compared the guy to Ron English. Now it seems to be New York’s turn. Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York spotted a defaced poster promoting a headless Shakira on the cover of Rolling Stone up on 23rd Street in Chelsea yesterday, writing “heads have started to roll!” And–ever the man of the people, that Decapitator–it turns out there’s a competition to go along with it. The artist uploaded a picture of a mangled Rolling Stone magazine to his Flickr account, directing people to the magazine section of the Union Square Barnes and Noble, where a few editions have apparently been stowed. “Get your limited edition Decapitated Rolling Stone Magazine featuring Shakira on its cover (or what’s left of her),” the vandal wrote. Note in particular the fine pattern of blood-spray misted over the magazine’s logo. Misogynist, or genius? Either way, money says the checkout clerk doesn’t even notice. [JVNY]

Update: We found one. The clerk did notice.