Joe Bruno Calls Radio Show, Denounces Waste of Taxpayer Dollars on His Trial


Former state senate majority leader Joe Bruno, on trial for corruption, called in to Post reporter Fred DIcker’s radio show this morning to not-really-but-sort-of discuss his case, and Capitol Confidential was tuned in.

You will be unsurprised to learn Bruno maintains his innocence and thinks his investigation, prosecution, and trial have been a waste of your tax dollars…

“When you think about tens of millions of dollars that the federal government, of taxpayers’ money, can spend, and I’m reading that there’s as many as 87 agents… you know, it just seems inappropriate. I wasn’t a terrorist,” said Bruno.

When Dicker suggested some legislators get consulting business because of their power — which is at issue in the trial — Bruno responded, “you either have to have a full-time legislature where people can’t have outside income, or you have to fully disclose and change the disclosure laws for every cent that everybody makes as a part-time legislator.” (Such a law would be very similar to the one Albany shot down in September.)

Bruno was more reluctant to talk about charges that the judge in his case is conflicted because his son works “in the same Albany office as the U.S. attorneys who are prosecuting Bruno,” per James V. Franco of the Troy Record , though Bruno supporters are considerably less reluctant to spread the story.