Lifter Puller Finally Come Back Into Print


Robert Christgau’s one-line review of long defunt Minneapolis quarter Lifter Puller’s final bow, Fiestas and Fiascos: “Postpunk E Street for fuckups clocking e-dollars.” Frankly, we blanch at adding all that much more than that–the Hold Steady’s Tad Kubler played bass, and Craig Finn fronted the band, to predictably poignant results. They broke up in 2000, got a kind of greatest hits in 2002, and weirdly, have had all their records out of print since then–an incongruous situation for one of the best-loved indie outfits (if in retrospect) of the ’90s. But the situation’s about to be remedied. The Orchard will digitally release the band’s entire catalog in December, Pitchfork reports. That’s three full-length albums, a singles comp, one EP, and a bunch of bonus live tracks, of which one has already surfaced. Also pegged to the reissues is a book, Lifter Puller Vs. the End Of, co-authored by Finn and SOTC buddy Jessica Hopper. To which cumulative news we just kind of make a kind of stunned but happy face, and encourage you to look into doing the same.