Luke’s Lobster to Serve Chowder Straight From Maine


Luke’s Lobster had, until now, contented itself with serving well-priced lobster, shrimp and crab rolls to the East Village. But starting next week, just in time for cold weather, look for chowders–but don’t expect homemade.

“We’re not master chefs here,” general manager Ben Conniff said, “so getting them from a company that makes really great chowders is better for us. Plus, we don’t have cooking capabilities in this space.” So Luke’s will source its chowder from a company in Maine, and offer several varieties everyday, probably including lobster bisque, haddock chowder, corn chowder, and clam chowder. The corn chowder will be vegetarian.

Until now, the restaurant’s ventilation system didn’t allow for a steam table, but a new air conditioning unit is being installed this week, allowing for the sale of hot soup next week, if all goes well.

Conniff says that Luke’s is also considering adding cooked lobster tails or knuckles to the menu. The shells could be snapped off easily, and the meat dipped in butter. But that’s for another day.

93 East 7th Street

The Early Word: Luke’s Lobster