Pickles + Tatts = Food Trend. Again.


Having noticed the recent profusion of artisanal dills, the Observer has delved into the pickling phenomenon embodied by the bearded and tattooed young upstarts behind such purveyors as McClure’s and Brooklyn Brine. While the story is entertaining and informative, it curiously neglects any mention of Rick Field, who arguably kicked off the whole boutique pickling craze some five years ago when he started selling his Rick’s Picks at the Union Square Greenmarket. Ditto Jon Oren, whose Wheelhouse Pickles were born in Brooklyn a few years ago, and also helped inspire a spate of articles on the pickle revival. So while it’s tempting to regard the latest collision of brine and beards as something novel, this carries a whiff of deja vu as strong as the floor mats at Guss’s. And if pickles are the new cupcakes, then where does that leave the mini-bundt cake?