Special Session 1 Isn’t Much; Special Session 2 Next Week


This week’s special session of the legislature in Albany hasn’t been too dramatic. Gay marriage was punted in the senate yesterday, and the bill probably won’t be revisited until next month. Senators and assemblymembers are enjoying their Veterans Day holiday without having voted on the deficit reductions that were Governor Paterson’s stated aim. They go back at it Monday and Tuesday in yet another special session.

“We have seen results,” the Governor nonetheless tells Buffalo First. “We’re actually talking.”

The office of assembly leader Sheldon Silver, whose chamber is generally the more productive of the two, informs us the assembly passed bills mandating consecutive sentences for Class A felony offenders and reforming municipal handling of state-mandate relief.

Republican assemblymember Jim Tedisco doesn’t see the need for the special sessioning. “Over $150,000 of wasted taxpayers dollars just for a game of finger pointing,” he calls it.