We Found That Decapitated Shakira Rolling Stone. (Hint: Try the Magazine-Rack Art Section.)


Quick refresher: the Decapitator, the street artist lauded for lopping the heads off actresses, Disney kids, rappers in glibly depicted advertisements, is currently in New York City. (Think Poster Boy with frequent-flyer miles and a dark wit.) Already from this visit, a headless Shakira has been spotted in Chelsea, and as we told you earlier this morning, the arrival of the singer’s bloody stump came with a challenge. “Get your limited edition Decapitated Rolling Stone Magazine featuring Shakira on its cover (or what’s left of her),” a jpg posted on official Decapitator Flickr stream offered, sending admirers/eBay goons/us to the magazine section of the Union Square Barnes and Noble. And so this here SOTC correspondent wandered purposefully over there before noon, pushed lollygaggers aside on the escalator ride up to the third floor, and went hunting. There were one or two other bespectacled, blog-reader-type young men peeking behind stacks, not bothering with actual titles, etc. We glared.

Took about ten minutes, but there she was: Shakira’s blade-ravaged corpse, beheaded so cleanly that it must be the work of a PhotoShop guillotine. The technique is a carefully placed, color-printed sticker. It’s dated November 12, 2009 and the cover lines are intact, though “Fort Carson Murder Spree, The Iraq Vets Who Couldn’t Stop Killing” does read like systematic antagonism. Amusingly, the register clerk did notice. “That’s funny,” she said, “Guerrilla art.” Then she went into a story about how in college she made a fake product label on a can about how much garbage each person uses a year. Her professor liked it.

As of 11:30 am, there was at least one other copy buried in the magazine section. As the Decapitator updated this morning: “Some of them are really hidden. HINT: Try the Art Section (why not?).” The remaining few may be gone by now, but you never know.