Alinea Launches a Subscription Wine Club


It’s a cork presenter, not a broken rake.

It’s not only beleaguered media outlets who are launching subscription wine clubs these days: Now, Alinea has one too. Alinea:Oenophilia promises its members “a wine subscription like no other,” and offers both a six-bottle $325 quarterly membership and a 24-bottle $1,400 yearly enrollment. So what’s in it for members, aside from paying roughly $58 per bottle?

“While nothing can replace the actual experience of a dinner at Alinea,” the release reads, “our wine subscription program delivers you true ‘insider’ wines selected by Joe Catterson and his expert team of sommeliers paired with recipes or Chef’s Notes from some of Chef Achatz’s signature dishes for your enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.”

Plus, you can also get some toys: The site is offering a $50 card presenter made of bocote wood and composite veneer, and a cork presenter, also $50. The look on your friends’ faces when you tell them how much you paid for card and cork presenters? Priceless.