An Espresso Bar and Tucson Smoothies for East 7th Street


A walk down East 7th Street near Avenue A revealed that Butter Lane is about to get some new neighbors: At 131 East 7th Street, former home of Cafe Affetati and the East Village Pie Lounge, an espresso bar should be opening later this month or in early December, according to a construction worker. The bar has something of a troubled history: At last month’s Community Board 3 meeting, both its proprietor (who also owns a hair salon down the street) and Cafe Affetati’s owner appeared to dispute who had legal rights to the space and its equipment. According to both parties, a lawsuit had been filed. But work on the space seems to be moving forward, so perhaps a settlement has been reached.

A couple doors down at 125 East 7th Street, Xoom, a regrettably named business selling smoothies and “infusionals,” will be opening sometime this fall. According to its website, it’s an offshoot of a Tucson smoothie shop that opened in 2001. Flavors like “velvet amazon,” “wowee acai,” and “screamcycle” are on the menu, leading one to wonder what sort of “infusionals” were being mainlined during their creation.