Bad News For Carrie Prejean


The new I’m-a-victim book by dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean might play well in the hinterlands (though it was ranked #595 on Amazon last time I looked), but In New York it’s not exactly getting a royal treatment.

In fact, I dropped by the Lincoln Center area Barnes & Noble yesterday to glance at the book (not to buy it, mind you) and couldn’t even find it! It wasn’t featured in any of the store’s many windows. And it was nowhere to be seen on the main floor, including in the big display spread of new non-fiction titles right where you enter.

I asked the info clerk where this bulbous epic by Ms. Prejean might be and she said “Who?” After I spelled it, she said, “Oh, yeah. It’s on the third floor.” Two long elevator rides later, I looked at the memoirs and bios on display there and still couldn’t find it!

Clearly, New York stores are so embarrassed by this book they’re hiding it somewhere in the high colonic self-help book section.

But wait, it has much better placement at the Borders on 32nd Street, where I took a gander at it and found that I’m indeed mentioned, on pages 113 and 114. But don’t buy it!