Henry Rollins Meets a Woman in a Black Flag Shirt Who Doesn’t Know Who Black Flag Is


Henry Rollins files from Jakarta for Vanity Fair: “At one point, I met a young couple who recognized me and we stopped to talk. Around that time, a female vendor walked up to us wearing a most interesting T-shirt. The couple got the irony of the situation and explained to the woman why I was asking to take her picture. She just smiled gently and patiently allowed me to take a few photos before she moved on, perhaps wondering what the hell that was all about.” To which one is tempted to say: has Henry Rollins never been to an American mall before? Surely this trick could have been repeated closer to home. Or does Rollins think all those kids hanging out by the Hot Topic are Slip It In fans? Also, in other news: “No one is innocent. Nothing is sacred. Everywhere is America. Mr. Friedman, we won, we won!” [Vanity Fair]