Incredibly Cheap Eats: Bulgogi Sandwich at Sukarak


Salted away in a U-shaped strip mall in the eastern area of Flushing known as Murray Hill, Sukarak is a Korean snack shop and lunch counter that isn’t afraid to fuse Korean and American food, with a little Japanese thrown in for good measure…

The interior is a sprightly shade of green, and formica tables are strewn at convenient intervals. Children’s instructional television (it was an English class the day my friend and I visited) form a sonic and visual backdrop. A steamtable right next to the entrance provides raw materials for many of the cafe’s specialities, which included sandwiches, soups, noodles, and full-blown entrees, many made to order.

A bulgogi sandwich–a hero, really–is one of the most spectacular fusion dishes on the menu: a demibaguette layered with tendrils of tender beef dipped in Korean barbecue sauce, along with lettuce, chopped tomato, and mayo. The humongous sandwich will set you back only $6.

An even better deal–and a vegetarian one, at that–is the so-called vegetable sandwich: a pair of white bread toasts heaped with a mainly-cabbage slaw resting on a flattened omelet, which gives the sandwich lube, moisture, and protein. The whole contraption is dressed with Korean barbecue sauce, which adds sweetness and heat. I challenge you to find a more filling $3 meal. 156-28 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, Queens, 718-886-8100

The $3 vegetable sandwich is a paragon of cheap eats.

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