Mets Disastrous Post-Season: Ticket Price Beef, Winter Camp Kidnap Fears


The Amazin’s finished way out of the money this year, but their anguish, like that of the Flying Dutchman, seems to never end. The Post reports today, while Mets management had said they would drop 2010 ticket prices by a great margin — some by more than 20 percent — season ticket holders now discover that their rates have dropped by “as little as 1 percent.” The Post — which sniffs the Yankees’ jocks so hard it qualifies as a cosmetological service — ledes this story, “The Mets are not only losers, but liars, long-suffering fans howled yesterday”…

Management explains that the average discount is around 10 percent, and some will be less than others — as does NBC’s Josh Alper, and more forcefully, questioning the complanants’ arithmetical skills. Nonetheless, Alper feels it necessary to add, “There are so many real reasons to heap scorn upon the Mets that this seems like complaining about portion size at a restaurant that gave you E. coli.” Thanks, buddy.

As usual, a former Met has been suffering, too: Victor Zambrano’s mother was kidnapped in Venezuela last Sunday. In a rare break from trends for ex-Mets, she was rescued and brought to safety, but now the Mets are worried about their catching prospect Josh Thole, down there for winter ball, and may call him back. He better be coming on Air Force One if they hope to get him back without incident. Whatever this curse is, it seems to be tough.