New in Chinatown: Grand Bo Ky Restaurant


About three weeks ago, the folks behind Bo Ky Restaurant on Bayard Street opened a shiny new branch on Grand Street, and sensibly dubbed it Grand Bo Ky. Both Bo Ky and Grand Bo Ky are all about noodle soups–mainly Teochew style (from Chaoshan, a region in northeast Guangdong province), with a few Vietnamese-influenced dishes thrown in for good measure.

In fact, the menu at Grand Bo Ky is in Chinese, Vietnamese, and English, and there’s a big sign out front that advertises pho. A woman behind the counter explained that the owners of the restaurant are from Vietnam, and some online sources write that the owners grew up in Vietnam, but that their families are Teochow from Chaoshan. There is apparently a large diaspora of Teochew people across Southeast Asia.

This might explain some of the cross-cultural dishes, like the Cambodian rice noodle soup ($5), springy, flat rice noodles in a mild broth with shrimp, roast pork, ground pork, scallions, and spongy fish balls.

Don’t forget to spoon in the brick red, oily shacha sauce, the delicious chile-garlic-dried shrimp concoction that sits on every table. It’s the same concoction that you also often find at Fujian noodle soup restaurants. (Because Chaoshan borders Fujian, the two cuisines are somewhat similar.) Or go for the pickled green chiles that sit next to the shacha–tart, hot, and perfect if you’re fighting off a cold.

216 Grand Street