Photos: Neil Hamburger at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory


Neil Hamburger
November 12
Knitting Factory

Stand-up character Neil Hamburger has, for years, been infamous for his unmannerly Michael Jackson jokes. The best one: “Why did Michael Jackson dangle his infant son over the railing? Because he was punishing him for not finishing his plate of sperm.” And so when the greasy-combover anti-comedian headlined the Knitting Factory last night in Brooklyn, he went there, of course. He also went after Heath Ledger, sort of. Hamburger did ten minutes of old jokes, but all the punchlines were about how great Heath Ledger was–the whole bit being that one assumed he’d make fun of the Joker, but no. Then came his closing. Why was Mary-Kate Olsen the last person Academy Award-winning actor Heath Ledger called before he died? Because he had taken a lot of pills and he needed advice on how to throw up. Todd Barry, Gavin McInnes, and “lousy” record reviewer Mark Prindle were there, Nate “Igor” Smith took photos (full gallery here), and the dudes outnumbered the ladies. It was just that kind of night.