Quick Hits


Avenue D and 10th Street ca. 1937. h/t The Bowery Boys.

Four men dressed as the Super Mario Brothers beat up and robbed a cabbie in Staten Island on Halloween. The Staten Island Advance has the story and some bizarre footage.

A mysterious powder was found on the floor of a New Jersey Transit train this morning. Safety-conscious officials transferred 200 passengers from the train. The powder turned out to be Ultra Slim-Fast.

We thought we were done with drownings in the Rockaways, but an unidentified 36-year-old liked the waves this morning, so he went in to surf and got stuck on the rocks and pinned down by the waves. A guy with a metal detector saw it and called 911; authorities rushed him to the hospital, but he died shortly thereafter.

CNET got a sneak peek at the new Apple Store at Broadway and 67th, which will open Saturday.

In honor of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and World Diabetes Day, the Empire State Building will glow blue and white on Saturday and Sunday.

“If Ed Hardy, fist pumping, and techno music are on your list of ‘Favorites’ then you’re in luck,” says Fashion Indie. “[MTV’s] Jersey Shore is a new series that follows the lives of Jersey douches as they party it up on the beach. Yeah, this is going to be amazing.”