Remember Them? Richard Heene, Brooke Hundley Back in News


Oh thank God: the wacky Richard and Mayumi Heene, who raised their boys to be anti-pussifcation and sent a balloon up to prank the world, may not see jail time after all. According to the Daily News, Richard will plead out to attempting to influence a public servant, and Mayumi to a lesser charge; both will receive probation and book deals…

In other famous nuts we thought we were done with, Brooke Hundley, the woman whose affair with ESPN’s Steve Phllips brought them both to wrack and ruin, went on Good Morning America, and delivered what appear to be incoherent ravings (“I did things and I thought about things just as an avenue to get people to pay attention, to start asking the right questions, to get me out of a bad situation…”), though we rely on transcripts and admit Hundley may have put this over with her immense charm. She also complains of the vicious attacks on her appearance at the time of her first fame, which the Post ornaments thus: “[Jay] Leno asked, ‘What was he thinking?’ about Phillips’ choice of the portly production assistant.” The former stalker also hopes Phillips will “grow up.”