Pedophile Evangelist Tony Alamo Sentenced to 175 Years


Creepy “preacher”/polygamous serial child molestation advocate Tony Alamo was, as predicted, sentenced today to 175 years for taking his underaged “brides” across state lines for sex.

Alamo, 75, is a vocal supporter of the right of grown men to “marry” girls as young as 10, “if they’ve reached puberty,” without interference from government (and seriously, click through on that link and read it).

A court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 13 to determine if five of the young women he took advantage of that ‘right’ with as a spiritual leader will get $2.7 million each of Alamo’s money. One of them was eight years old when they “married.”

Alamo’s lawyers are expected to appeal on the grounds of Alamo’s age, weakness, and ill health.

Which, when you think about it, is all the more reason to give him leisure time to practice rotting in prison before he gets to hell.