Save Room for Jeff Orlick’s Roosevelt Avenue Street Food Crawl


There are way too many expensive, low-quality food events in this town (ahem, Dumpling Festival), but Jeff Orlick’s food crawls are neighborly, casual affairs–free (except the cost of food), and focused on seeking out sheer deliciousness. Orlick runs a blog, Jeffery Tastes, and organizes group meals around Queens. You might remember his five-borough pizza tour this summer, which was written about in the Daily News and called out one of our very favorite, unknown Brooklyn pizza joints, Luigi’s.

On November 29, starting at 1 p.m., Orlick will lead a street food crawl along Roosevelt Avenue, from the Jackson Heights/Roosevelt subway station down to 111th Street. Just show up with enough cash for all the tacos, cemitas, ceviche, roast pork, and huaraches that you can eat. Start fasting now.

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