Stephen Colbert’s Mayo-lution, Televised & In Print


Does anyone find the Miracle Whip-Stephen Colbert feud creepy? Colbert aired a faux pro-mayo PSA on his show a couple of weeks ago spoofing Miracle Whip’s irritating dancing hipster campaign. Miracle Whip then responded by taking out a one-page ad in several newspapers promising to dominate the ad spots on Colbert’s next show with commercials that “will be in your face and massively dope.” The company was true to its word. Last night, it placed ads aimed directly at Colbert with the tagline: “We will not tone it down, Stephen.”

This edgy marketing stunt leaves a bad taste in the mouth (pun intended). Is Colbert really at war with Miracle Whip or is he a “mayo lover” the way he’s a gun-loving Republican? Could edgy fake news and edgy marketing be in cahoots? Or was this segment, in which he thanks Miracle Whip for its ad dollars so that he can “buy more delicious mayonnaise,” a final editorialized jab at big advertising? Hopefully, it’s that latter. Would be a shame for Colbert — and preferred sandwich spread — to be tainted.