Take That, Daily Fork!


Our sister blog Daily Fork was recently amused to find a coffee spot with the name Bad Ass, and wondered just how bad ass it could really be. Well, right back at you Daily Fork…

Kick Butt Coffee, an Austin, Texas coffee chain. This branch is on Airline Boulevard.

Well the coffee ain’t so good at Austin’s Kick Butt, but we’ll put it up against Bad Ass (the name, anyway) any day of the week. Actually, the best part of Kick Butt (which was spawned by a kick-boxing studio, which provides partial justification for the name) is the donut shop next door, where we found and consumed a donut shaped like a hand. A cartoon character’s hand, that is, since it only has four digits, allowing us to provide the extra one. And this shapely donut certainly constitutes one of the Strange Snacks of the World.