Week in Review: Or Whatever’s Left of Her


In the week we ran all over town looking for a headless pop star (and found her, hiding out in the Barnes and Noble Union Square magazine section), we also hailed the non-headless pop-stars-in-the-making Girls at their New York coronation over at Bowery Ballroom. China said hello to the city– PK-14, Xiao He, and Carsick Cars performed over in Brooklyn, introducing themselves to no small effect, while the Roots continued to maintain their stranglehold over Manhattan’s clubs, and USL’s Big Fun tried to gain some semblance of the same.

R.I.P. Jerry Fuchs, the most wanted drummer in Brooklyn.

Elsewhere, all three Heartless Bastards talked to us about the undying problem of male groupies, Bishop Allen’s Justin Rice relived his band’s video shoot for “True of False,” and Hollands spilled on the dire circumstances behind the making of “Air Conditioned Heart.”

We said goodbye to a blogger we’d come to like. Solange covered the Dirty Projectors, then got censored by her own label. The Clipse continued a disappointing run, while Vampire Weekend started one of their own. Lifter Puller are back, as is Brooks Headley, who has a whole new career to add to an already sparkling resume. Plus the silliness of the professional DJ, the loudness of the Lower East Side, and tons more, below. Hi ODB. We’re back on Monday.