What Are The Best Good/Bad Movies?


My favorite type of flick is one that may have looked good on paper but came out so rotten it stinks up your whole house if you even take it out of the wrapping. But it does so in a wickedly entertaining way!

It’s no small accomplishment for a film to be awful and gloriously watchable at the same time. And there are so many that fit the tawdry bill!

My personal favorite good/bad movies include:

Valley of the Dolls. Though I honestly can’t see anything wrong with it. It’s genius!

Gigli. When the big line is “gobble gobble,” you know you’re watching a turkey.

Glitter. As the audience of five screamed in the aisles with laughter, it helped take them out of post-9-11 despair.

And Lost Horizon. The 1973 musical version, that is. I never miss a musical with Liv Ullmann, John Giegud, and Peter Finch.

And you?