Bouncer shot by police in Brooklyn bar fight


Plain clothes officers responding to reports of a bar brawl at the Norwood Palace Sports Bar on Fulton Street shot and killed bouncer Kevin White, 43, who was firing into the crowd at the bar as they arrived, and then pointed the gun at them. Police also shot a 19-year-old man who was standing in the doorway of the club holding a pistol. White died in Brookdale Hospital.

A police official told the Times that White had a record of 28 arrests, for charges including gun possession, robbery and assault. Five of the arrests were firearms-related. The same official said that another man working security at the club found a bullet in his bullet-proof vest consistent with the gun held by the 19 year old.

White’s brother claims that White took the pistol from a bar patron, and that White had been turning his life around. “He’s not an armed bouncer. He’s just a bouncer. He’s not an armed bouncer. He wouldn’t be carrying a weapon. He’s not known for carrying a weapon. He don’t need it,” the brother said, adding that “He was doing the right thing. He was doing his job.”

Timothy Stokes, the club DJ, said that the fight, which had people throwing bar stools at each other, started when someone spilled a drink on a female patron.

The 19 year old is in stable condition in Jamaica Hospital.