It’s Always “All or Nothing”!


“When it rains, it pours” is one of the few cliches that are actually true.

When things go wrong, they happen in clusters, as I learned all too horribly recently. In the course of one week alone, my keyboard, cable box, light-up watch, cell phone, lamp, and wall socket all broke down for no apparent reason. It was a technological meltdown straight out of a Roland Emmerich film!

The same happens with love interests–once your mojo falters, they ALL go away–and jobs too. (When one opportunity folds, you suddenly become not-hot to the point where all your jobs start tumbling like deadly dominoes.)

On the bright side, good things happen in groups too, so when your sex appeal is raging, you can’t swat hotties away fast enough, and when you’re hot careerwise, the offers come pouring in so fast you have to actually turn some things down!

It’s as wildly intoxicating as the down cycles are direly depressing. But it’s when nothing good OR bad is happening that I really start worrying, thinking, “Which onslaught is next?”