Poor Dave: Here Comes Carl Kruger Again


Just when you thought you could never feel sorry for David Paterson again, along comes kooky Carl Kruger, the comic book hero of the Democratic state senate.

The fire-plug shaped Brooklyn legislator has launched himself as a one-man band fighting Paterson’s proposed budget cuts. This morning he is vowing to hand-deliver a letter to Paterson demanding that he start collecting taxes on Indian cigarette sales. Kruger has the clout to make this noise because he’s the chairman of the senate finance committee, a post he won thanks to the shenanigans he pulled as part of the notorious “Three Amigos” shakedown earlier this year.

Paterson top aide Larry Schwartz yesterday called Kruger “a liar” and insisted he owes the governor an apology.

Good luck getting through. Proof that Kruger operates on a different planet from the rest of us came in March when the Voice tried to ridicule him as the would-be Hugo Chavez of south Brooklyn. The article described hordes of cheering constituents shouting, “All the way with Chairman K!”

This effort at mockery failed miserably. Kruger had an aide call up and ask for permission to reprint the article, “Vanguard of the Senate Revolution.”

We weren’t sure we heard him right. “He wants to reprint it?” we asked.

“Yes, he’s very proud of it,” the aide insisted.

This proved conclusively that satire is always dangerous when dealing with the deranged. “Go ahead,” we told him. “Knock yourself out.”

Good luck Dave.