The Clipse Come to Cam’ron for the “Popular Demand (Popeyes)” Video


When, back in August, we asked the Clipse about this song–which was only a rumor at that point–this is what they told us:

    And a song with Cam’ron is still coming. Can you guys let go any info about that?

    Pusha: I like to say this is the New York record of all records. You know how, like–living in Virginia, coming to New York and listening to HOT97 and hearing “Who Shot Ya?” was always the greatest thing to me. I always thought that hearing that type of record on HOT97 and having the freedom to play that type of record was a great thing. And I think that we made one of those hardcore rap records with someone like Cam’ron and it can be played all day and it has that same type of hardcore feel.

    So that’s a song I’m going to be hearing coming out of everybody’s car window in two months.

    Malice: Oh, definitely.

    Pusha: Definitely. Definitely! Definitely!! I’m talking ’bout, you give me that hardcore record, you give me the “The Benjamins” before it was, you know, popular “Benjamins”–this record is amongst that of just greatness, and New York-ness. You know what I’m saying? East Coast hardcore rap.

So no surprise the eventual video finds them in a New York state of mind, although the Brownsville locale is confusing–that is one long train ride for Cam’ron, even if he can knock the whole thing out on the 3. Last time we checked, sadly, this song was not the second coming of the “The Benjamins” in BK, or any other borough. But it’s been a few days, so maybe? Certainly HOT97 should feel free to give every third or fourth “Empire State of Mind” spin to “Popular Demand.” New York will be cool with it, Flex, we swear.