The New Bone Hits the Box: Christmas Bon Appetit


The new Bon Appetit (we call it “The Bone”) hit the mailbox today, and the cover was a head-scratcher.

To begin with, the cover was kinda scary, not quite as scary as the famous Gourmet “Frankenturkey” cover–which featured a dark, over-roasted turkey that looked like it had dark eye sockets on its breast–but scary nonetheless. The color scheme is way off, featuring midnight blue, dark brown, light blue, and a bronze overprinting as a fifth color (magazine designers, you know what I’m talking about). The metallic bronze makes it look like some sinsiter Gustav Klimt. There must be some Christmas spirit in the fresh red raspberries with green leaves, but where the hell are you going to get those at this time of the year?

Moreover, the pastry that’s front and center, barely visible against the blue background, doesn’t look Christmasey in the least. In fact, it doesn’t even look good, even as a sop to chocoholics. The recipes bannered on the cover don’t seem very exciting, either: maple-cranberry cheesecake? Lasagna for a crowd? (Isn’t lasagna always for a crowd?)

If Bon Appetit is running for its life in front of a gang of Conde Nast triggermen, then this Xmas cover is a bad stumble.